Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Big Gull updates

After years of mothballed storage, the Big Gull has come back out to play.  When she went away, it was just the main gull frames and the wing tips.  One of the reasons the plane was put away was distractions from other project and life itself, but another reason was that one of the tips had developed some really bad war page in the leading edge.  I can't explain it, and I couldn't undo it, so it put it away for a while (like 2 years....).

However, after building a number of other models and getting frustrated as my hobby progressed into more sophisticated and complicated controls, I started missing the simplicity of the old timer and good old 3 channel controls.  So the Gull was brought back out.

The first thing I did was take another look at the wing tip.  I stripped the sheeting off and tried to get to a point where I. Ight be able to repair the warp, but unfortunately the sheeting was attached too good and I ended up breaking a number of ribs.  So the decision was made to ditch the wing and start over with a new tip.

It was quickly rebuilt over a weekend, and I was re-energized again!

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