Thursday, April 9, 2015

Back to the wings - aw sheet

Time to move back to the wings.  A couple of major steps needed to be taken to start to get a real feeling of accomplishment.  First, the center wing halves were attached by sandwiching the 2 spars with pieces of 1/8" ply, and creating a flat base for the leading edge to tie into.  Each 'tip' is 6.5" off of the table.

Next came the leading edge sheeting.  I was looking forward to this because I knew it wouldn't be easy with the compound curves and had already decided to use a planking method similar to the way I have built boats. So one by one I measured, cut, fitted, measured, cut, rinsed and repeated multiple times until I got both side done. They turned out great, but look worse than they are.  Using the hot iron method it tends to instantly dry any surface glue that may be on the wood, so you can get the dried glue marks.  These are not big globs of dried glue, and you can barely feel it when running your hands over the wood.  A light sanding, and the top LE sheeting is good to go.  I also completed the bottom of the LE sheeting using a single piece, but no pics of that yet.  The top and bottom added significance stiffness to the structure!

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  1. Hello Dion
    First of all , I really enjoyed reading your blog .
    I cant read the program properly of
    Big Gull.
    Can you send me the program that you are working with ?
    thank you