Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spars take 2

I made some pretty good progress today.  I figured out my slot cutting for the ribs, created a jig for the assembly, and also started on the leading edges.

First, the rear spars.  I used the main spars as the template to draw the rears, but since the rears are also narrower, I had to reduce the width to 3/4".  I also had to transfer the slot marks, and you can see how I did that in the following pics:

From there, I took all 4 spars out into the garage and setup my 4.5" grinder with a carbide cutoff wheel.  Yes, the same wheel that helped me create a new exhaust for the Porsche can cut nice clean 1/16" slots too!  Here you can see the table jig I setup to feed the spar nice and straight.

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