Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The ribs are born

Tonight I finished the remaining ribs, well almost.  I still need to cut the spar slots, but that will have to wait until I get the spars cut.

I used the tried and true method of spray adhesive, a modeler's best friend.  I have a special wall in my workshop that is used as the backdrop for things the get sprayed with 3M77.  The wall has enough stickem on it to hold balsa wood now.  So I cut enough blanks to make a pair for each sized rib.  I stuck each pair to the wall, lightly sprayed them with 3M77, and attached the paper rib template.  Then I stuck that blank to the other blank, and bingo, we have a stacked pair ready to cut out.

Then I took a new x-acto knife blade and started cutting around the lines making sure to stay on the outside of the lines.  Then I trued each stack up with sandpaper, and the ribs are finished.

Tomorrow, the SPARS!

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