Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sidetracked, sort of....


That's the best description of my progress lately.  Plus, I had relatives in town this weekend so nothing got done on the plane.  I did start to work on the starboard wing joiners, but ran into a bit of an issue.  The trailing edge of the joiner ribs weren't lining up as it appears one of them developed a slight warp in the last 2 inches.  When the wing tip is joined to the center section, it leaves about an 1/8" gap at the trailing edge.  So over the course of the past two days I have been wetting, clamping, re-wetting and re-clamping the joint to remove the bend.  I'm happy to report after checking it this morning that the warp is gone and the wings line up perfectly.  Now I can finish the joiners.

I'll also admit to getting sidetracked with another small project.  Last year I built a RES version of Harley Michaelis' Smooth Genie Pro.  I love the ship, but don't get to our club winch very often so I've decided to build an e-fuselage for it so it can be flown at the local parks and soccer fields.  So far I'm just researching my options, but like everything else I get my mind wrapped around, it will be somewhat unique.  I'll probably start building it side by side with the Gull.  Hey, Winter will be here soon, and I can't very well finish my Winter build project before the Holidays!

Here is the RES Genie soon to be an e-RES Genie.

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