Monday, September 9, 2013


I am resetting this Blog in attempt to , well, restart it.  Let's call it 'electronic therapy'.

I haven't stopped cycling, I haven't stopped playing with old Porsches, I still have an active Family, and I sure haven't stopped building model airplanes.  But updating this blog somehow took a forgotten backseat to everything else.  It probably occurred when my home PC crashed, and stayed crashed until recently.  With an iPhone, iPad, and work laptop, I really wasn't in need of another computing device, so this blog sort of stayed out of sight, out of mind.

Speaking of distractions, since my last set of postings I'll try to sum it up like this:  I built a new road bike from a bare carbon fiber frame to what you see in the pics, I traded my 914-6 for an original condition 912, and I have built many airplanes.  Unfortunately, the genesis of this blog still sits uncompleted on the shelf.  The Big Gull will get completed one of these days, but for some reason I lost motivation for the project.  It will come back, some day.....

In the meantime, I will start updating this blog again with my current builds in the near future.  Those consist of a 1/4 scale primary glider called the Hol's der Truefel, and a WWI RAF Be12a - my first bi-plane.


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