Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kovering with Koverall

"It has been years since I have used Sig's Koverall covering.  I forgot how much fun this stuff is, and I really like the fabric-like look that it gives the plane.  It's probably a little heavier than if I used Litespan, but I had a bunch leftover from years ago so I decided to use it again.

For the adhesive, I used a mixture of water and Modge Podge.  My wife has a well stocked craft room, and has a new bottle of the stuff.  It's basically thinner white glue, and I read somewhere on RCG that it can be used instead of Stix-it or other model specific adhesive.  I made a test frame, and it seemed to work pretty well so I went ahead and started coating the frame with it.  Well, I got it too thinned out the first time, so I had to apply another coat for he Koverall to stick properly.

I've made a couple of re-learning mistakes on things like seams and overlaps, but so far I'm happy with it.  I have also applied one coat of water based poly with a brush to seal it, and will apply the second coat with the spray can poly.  So far I'm pretty happy with the turnout, but now I need to order more Koverall to keep the ball rolling!

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